PCSI Transition is a mission-centered, company-funded initiative for transitioning young adults with disabilities from school to work. Its goal is to place special needs students nearing graduation into real jobs in their communities. PCSI fully funds the initiative because it is true to our mission of developing employment opportunities for people of all ages who have disabilities. “So that no person is left behind” is our motto.

In addition to funding, our company’s contribution to transition is the years of experience and expertise we bring in hiring, training, and retaining employees with disabilities. For the Community Employment Program, PCSI screens, hires, and pays the salaries of qualified job developers and job coaches who engage with students, parents, schools, and businesses to:

  • Identify the job interests and abilities of students
  • Prepare students for the challenges of work
  • Locate businesses with labor needs that students can fill
  • Train students to meet these needs
  • Support new employees and employers on the job

By employing professional job developers and coaches to perform the above, PCSI makes the dream of employment and independence come true for young adults with disabilities and their families.

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