PCSI offers flexible, cost-effective choices for premium Contact Center services, including switchboard,  help desk, and technical support. Capabilities include live chat, customer service, and in-bound/out-bound calls.

Work can be performed at the location that best serves the customer, including the customer’s site, PCSI’s state-of-the-art facility in Austin, or remotely from an employee’s home. PCSI can staff an existing enterprise or provide an entire team of Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) and their managers. At any location, our customers receive excellent support for their customers via telephone or other electronic media.

PCSI’s friendly, CSRs are fluent English speakers who handle high-volume workloads with accuracy and care. Bi-lingual Spanish-English speakers are also available to meet your needs. In any language, PCSI’s Contact Center services offer highly-trained personnel who handle complexity and stress with grace and tact.

PCSI benefits customers with a motivated workforce. Contact Center represents the perfect opportunity for our workers with disabilities to demonstrate their abilities. Veterans with service-related disabilities pass security clearances easily, moving quickly into productive positions on the job. Their keen sense of responsibility and fine problem-solving skills create the foundation for excellent Contact Center teams.

Contact Center is a technology-driven enterprise that supports PCSI’s mission in important ways. Technology enables people with significant physical disabilities to participate in the workforce, making Contact Center an accessible and desirable career. Because of our commitment to expanding employment opportunities for people with every type of disability, we have invested in a new facility at our corporate headquarters to house our growing Contact Center service line. We are committed to making every accommodation and adaption necessary at this facility to further our mission and to serve our customers.