Hospital Environmental Services

PCSI is proud to be the only Healthcare Environmental Services provider endorsed by the Texas Hospital Association.

Across the United States, PCSI hospital housekeepers clean and sanitize 6.2 million square feet of floor space. The facilities we serve range from 300,000 to 3.5 million square feet. The Association for the Healthcare Environment has twice recognized our Environmental Services team at Evans Army Community Hospital in Fort Carson, Colorado among the “Top 5” nationally, as published by HFM Magazine. We have received zero hospital housekeeping findings in all of our Joint Commission reviews. All HCAHPS scores are significantly greater than national averages.

PCSI is dedicated to satisfying customers: patients, visitors and staff. Our jobs are performed with HCAHPS always in mind. PCSI employees are trained to impress pa­tients with rooms that are “Always Clean.” We place the right people in the right places to allow those with the brightest personalities to impact patient satisfaction directly through scripted but personalized interactions.

We deliver aseptic cleaning that controls hospital-acquired infections and keeps facilities tour-ready at all times. Using the best in sanitiz­ing products and techniques, we focus on high-risk areas such as surgery, intensive care, and patient rooms, as well as high-traffic and high-touch areas where risk of exposure is greatest. PCSI’s attention to detail impresses all entrants, especially in high-impact areas such as lobbies, waiting areas, and emergency. At PCSI, we combine daily cleaning routines with scheduled maintenance cleaning and refinishing to keep the entire facility shining.

PCSI invests in clean by hiring managers who are leaders in the hospital environmental services industry. In addition, PCSI specializes in training hospital housekeepers in best practices and the use of leading-edge equip­ment and technology. We purchase green cleaning products that protect the environment and people. We implement lean initiatives to work smarter, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

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