PCSI has provided customers with exceptional Total Facilities Management service since 1997. Today, our employees manage 19 million square feet of facilities, supporting plant operations that range from heating and cooling systems to emergency generators to fire suppression and alarm systems. The facilities we manage include hospitals, offices, airplane hangars and other complex specialty buildings. The average facility we manage is over one million square feet.

PCSI brings highly skilled personnel, including master and journeyman electricians, engineers, mechanics, plumbers, welders, and carpenters, to the job. PCSI has the experience and knowledge to manage challenges ranging from severe winter climates to historically significant buildings to hazardous waste sites. We have effective policies and programs in place for managing HAZMART, emergency preparedness, and environmental protection. We enlist all our resources and capabilities to serve our customers’ needs.

PCSI protects customer investments with customized Preventive Maintenance Programs and Strategic Plans. Preventive Maintenance keeps breakdowns and failures from occurring, and extends the life cycle of capital equipment and major systems, including HVAC, utilities, sewer and sanitary. Strategic Plans ensure that all systems are current, compliant, and functioning at peak performance. PCSI improves outcomes for customers by servicing equipment on a fixed schedule and by effectively timing the update, overhaul, or replacement of major systems. Preventive Maintenance Programs and Strategic Plans developed with PCSI ensure high performance and functionality, and true economy.

PCSI helps customers make choices that are environmentally conscious and financially beneficial. We begin by analyzing the facility’s energy and water consumption to establish conservation goals that align with customer needs. Next we work with vendors and utility providers to conduct audits and to identify system upgrades that reduce labor and utility costs. These initiatives can also boost the perception of the organization within the community.

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