PCSI Warehousing & Logistics teams receive, store, and distribute tens of thousands of line items per year. Many of these include high-security, high-value, and hazardous contents. We perform supply chain management for the U.S. Navy and warehousing for the U.S. Army and Air Force. Our operations have included the largest Class 9 warehouse in the United States.

PCSI personnel employ state-of-the-art inventory technology to manage and control warehouse assets. They use automation to scan and store thousands of receipts in an increasingly paperless environment. Our people also use old-style, personal responsibility and attention-to-detail in order to recognize and recommend system improvements, producing customer savings in the tens of millions of dollars.

PCSI stands ready to bring expert warehousing and logistics services to your facility, including: cataloguing; Care of Material in Storage (COMIS); crating; disposing; excessing; forklift operations; HAZMAT transportation; packing, preserving; receiving; shipping; and storing. Our supply chain management services are available around the clock, 365 days per year.

PCSI customers rely on us to manage and pinpoint the location of mission-critical materials ranging from tiny washers and screws to electronic components and jet engines. We keep tabs on all that we are entrusted with for our customers who are positioned around the globe.

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