PCSI’s culture is characterized by energy and inspiration for the delivery of quality service, which we believe is a direct result of employing people with disabilities. The population with disabilities is an under-utilized workforce segment, which, when given the opportunity, is eager to rise to the top. Our team members are highly conscientious, attentive to detail, and responsive to the needs of customers.

PCSI supports a culture of community service and volunteerism. Every year, PCSI staff, managers, and executives volunteer hundreds of hours to local food relief, community centers, and athletic events for disabled veterans and other people with disabilities. PCSI recognizes and supports such generosity with quarterly and annual awards.

As a nonprofit, we at PCSI are motivated by our mission: to create employment opportunities for disabled veterans and other people with disabilities. Placing principle before profit, we answer only to our customers, our board of directors, and our workers. Passion and purpose drive our operations.

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