Through advocacy—standing up and speaking out—people with disabilities and their supporters have changed the world. At the urging of disability advocates, the U.S. Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, making transportation, buildings and jobs more accessible. Because of disability advocates, closed-captioning, kneeling buses, curb ramps, etc. are now commonplace.

PCSI supports advocacy at personal, public, and political levels. At the personal level, we encourage all our employees to stand up and speak out for the respectful treatment of people with disabilities. Our company provides disability awareness training. We use person-centered language. PCSI encourages employees to share their personal stories—privately and publicly—to spread the word about the challenges faced and overcome by people with disabilities. PCSI social media amplify their voices.

At the political level, we send our employees to speak with elected officials, and we invite elected officials to visit our job sites. Our goal is for leaders and legislators to meet Americans who benefit from AbilityOne and to learn how employment has changed their lives.

PCSI’s Public Affairs Office is at the center of our company’s advocacy effort. We seek to influence legislation affecting disability employment, to support individual and group advocacy efforts, and to increase disability awareness and workforce inclusion. We invite you to join us.

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