Across the United States, PCSI’s Grounds & Landscaping grooms and gardens over 100,000 acres of grounds, and maintains four million square feet of parking lots and 500 miles of roads. PCSI services landscapes on all topographies and in all climates. Whether a land tract is sloped or flat, includes landmarks or landfills, is subject to blizzards, drought, or floods—PCSI will meet the customer’s Grounds & Landscaping needs.

PCSI’s Grounds & Landscaping services are as varied as the terrain we maintain and the customers we serve. We are equally prepared to plant and tend ornamental flower beds as we are to chainsaw and remove fallen trees. We are equally skilled at working with our hands as we are at operating heavy equipment. In winter, our crews clear roads and walkways of ice and snow so that vehicle and foot traffic can pass safely. Refuse and recycling collection is also available. Our work is performed around the clock according to the customer’s schedule and the seasons.

PCSI is committed to environmental stewardship, water and energy conservation, and the limited use of toxic herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. Whenever possible, we replace invasive species with native and adapted trees, plants, and grasses. Our purpose is to support the health of plant life and wildlife, and air and water quality at your property. PCSI offers all this while maintaining the aesthetics and safety of grounds.

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